1-Start The App

When opening the app for the first time the app will ask you for some details about your business this is so the app can retrieve quotations on materials from suppliers.
If you don’t have a business it’s ok just enter your own details.
The details given are where suppliers will send quotes to and so that customers know who is sending them a quote and can get back to you
Example picture.

2-Add A Supplier, Or Two

If you wish to send a quote to a supplier you need to add their email address. To do this go into settings and click on suppliers and press add supplier then enter their details and press save.

We suggest you add as many suppliers as you can making it easy to shop around and know you are getting the best possible prices on your materials. (Soon will be adding a named list of suppliers who you can select from as well as your own so you can receive even more choice and better prices).Look out for future updates

3-Start The Quote
Go into quotes and press new quote then enter your customers details and press save this will compile a database of all clients that you do quotes for making it easy to access their details.

4-Adding A Room
If you require radiators go into your client’s database and select rooms, press add room and enter all the details as required. This will estimate the watts required to heat the room and a guide to what radiator will be required. (Multiple radiators can be added to one room if required). Please ensure you select :

  • Room type
  • Floor type
  • Insulation
  • And to turn double glazing on or of dependant on the room

Please note working out the rooms will give you an idea of what size boiler will be required.
Press save and start over for other rooms if required
Once all the rooms are complete, press ‘edit quote’

Press Boiler and select a size boiler from the app database or add your own by pressing new boiler.
Please note named boiler manufacturers will be coming soon look out for future updates

Select back to ‘edit quote’

6-Fittings and Sundries
In the Misc section you can select from :
Copper pipe, copper fittings, compression fittings, push fit pipe and fittings, brassware, heating controls, pumps, water treatment, soil pipe and soil fittings,traps,pan connectors,wastes,waste pipe,waste fittings,clips,cylinders and many more (please note named manufacturers will be added soon) look out for future updates.
You can also add your own items by pressing new misc
Select back to ‘edit quote’

In this section you can add any information that you your customer or your supplier need to know
I.e. if you’re quoting for a bathroom you can put in all the details you require this will be added to your email ensure you press done after you have added your notes as this saves them.

This is a quick section that calculates how much pipe is required for the job, based on all radiators selected you can + or – to change quantities as needed you can also change the parameters by going into settings and selecting advanced

9-Sending Details to Suppliers
When you are satisified you have all the correct information go to edit quote and press send, select the suppliers you wish to receive the quote then press to suppliers.
Check the email you can also edit or add to as needed
Then press send.
You can also send this to yourself for your records or to your client as a quick quote by tapping self or to client

We hope you enjoy using this app knowing you are saving time and money!

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